Monthly Archive: January 2016


Fussy Kids? Teaching Them To Be Thankful

Originally featured at My tenacious toddler and free-spirited sweetheart officially left her nest for preschool. Things had been going fairly well except when I’d pick her up in the afternoon. Every day the teacher would tell me  that she did not touch an ounce of her food, not even an at least-try-two-bites type of deal. I know the toddler diet might sound enticing to an adult, but the idea of...


What I Want My Daughters To Know About Relationships

Originally featured in  Sometimes you have an amazing mentor in your life that reminds you to always move on, be the first to say sorry, and not hold on to grudges. They remind you that it really doesn’t matter and to give a situation time and space and eventually it will fall back into wherever it needs to be (not always the same place, but perhaps a safe place)....